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Curate a visual experience and drive meaningful action from consumers with ‘thumb-stopping’ content.

Creative + Design

Share your brand’s passion, products and values by weaving a visual narrative.

Social Media + Communication Strategy

Create custom tailored solutions to communicate your brand messaging with our uniquely productized services.

Influencer Marketing

Partner with key influencers by tapping into their networks to amplify your brand’s message and build engagement with your target audience.


Drive more engagement by bringing your brand’s story to life through motion, stop motion, GIFs and cinemagraphs.

Recipe Development

Encourage trial, build confidence and share new product usage ideas with fresh recipe content.

Community Management

Build, grow and manage your social media channels to spark meaningful engagement from consumers by being an active and authentic presence online.

Social Media Advertising

Target the right consumers with the right message to help drive a tailored brand experience.

Read what our customers are saying…

We knew we had to improve our presence on social media, and as the category market leader, had to provide best-in-class recipes and content on our overall digital platform. I also knew that with my limited experience in this marketing segment, I needed help to do it! In March 2015, we enlisted THP to do just that. I was very impressed with every person I met and what they promised they could do for us and our brand. They have exceeded my expectations and the THP staff have the same level of enthusiasm as the day I first talked with them about being a client. Since then, THP has been working alongside our brand as a flexible, cost-effective solution for social media management, content creation and influencer marketing. Not only do they bring so many fresh, creative ideas and energy to our business, but they also consistently deliver a high level of professionalism, quality of work, strong communication and — something I desperately needed — the ability to  keep me on task to keep the many projects moving.

The THP team has delivered exceptional results for Trans Ocean, allowing our social media presence to truly reflect our standing as the #1 surimi seafood brand in the US, and a leader in the overall seafood category.

As a result, The team at THP is a natural extension of our brand and marketing team, and they are a true pleasure to work with. I greatly value the partnership we have with them and look forward to seeing it continue to grow over the years to come! 

– Lou Shaheen, VP of Sales & Marketing for Trans-Ocean


Meet a few THP Faces!

Amanda Riva

CEO & Founder

Julia Bakker

Director of Operations

Sabrina Falone

Director of Culinary Innovation

Andrea Flanders

Director of Social Media + Communications